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Visionary Creator Award:
Description: Recognizing creators who redefine art’s boundaries, inspiring innovation and pushing the envelope of creativity. They use their talents to provoke thought and challenge perspectives. Examples include: fine art(any medium), writing, poetry, spoken word, photography, crafts etc.

Cosplay Expressionist Award:
Description: Celebrating advocates of inclusive art who use their creativity to celebrate diversity and amplify marginalized voices, fostering understanding and promoting a more inclusive art world. Examples include LGBTQ, POC, Women’s Rights, etc

Culinary Creative Award:
Description: This award celebrates the culinary creator who spreads positivity through their delectable creations, sharing not only delicious recipes but also a contagious passion for food and the joy it brings.


Group Rhythmic Award:
Description: Recognizing dance GROUPS(2+) on social media who use their artistic prowess to ignite inspiration, rhythm, and passion among their audience, leaving an indelible mark on the digital dance floor.

Professional Dance Artist Award:
Description: This award honors an exceptional professionally trained dance artist whose social media presence radiates positivity, inspiring and uplifting the dance community through their talent and encouraging messages.

Novice Dance Artist Award:
Description: Recognizing emerging talents in the dance community, this award celebrates novice dance artists who use their social media presence to share their journey, spread positivity, and inspire others with their early strides in the world of dance.


Enlightened Educator Award:
Description: Recognizing creators in the field of education who illuminate the path of learning for their audience. They deliver educational content in innovative ways, making education topics engaging, enlightening, and easily understandable.

How-to Award:
Description: Celebrating those who empower their audience to acquire new skills and knowledge. These creators serve as mentors, guiding others through practical tutorials and fostering a culture of continuous learning through any niche.

Environment and Nature

Earth Guardian Award:

Description: Recognizing environmental advocates who use their influence to raise awareness about pressing ecological issues, inspiring their audience to take action for a more sustainable world.

Animal Advocate Award:

Description: Celebrating individuals who foster a deep connection with nature and share their love for the environment through their content, encouraging others to appreciate and protect our planet.


Comedy Powerhouse Award:
Description: Recognizing creators who use comedy to spread joy, laughter, and positivity. They craft content that brightens the day, leaving a lasting smile on the faces of their audience.

Stellar Stand-Up Award:
Description: This award recognizes the exceptional stand-up comedian who uses their social media presence to deliver uplifting and positive humor, spreading laughter and joy to audiences worldwide.

Impactful Storyteller Award:
Description: Celebrating storytellers and quote makers who weave narratives that create awareness and foster understanding about personal and social issues. Their stories evoke empathy and motivate positive change.

Performing Arts Star Award:
Description: Honoring creators who captivate their audience with innovative and engaging content that blurs the lines between entertainment, art, and technology, creating immersive digital experiences.

Media Master Award:
Description: Recognizing the media entity or individual who consistently uses their social media platform to promote positive news stories, inspire change, and uplift communities with impactful and optimistic content. This category includes news, radio and podcast personalities.

Family & Lifestyle

Joyful Explorer Award:
Description: Recognizing creators who inspire a life filled with joy, curiosity, and adventure. They showcase the beauty of exploration, encouraging their audience to find happiness in new experiences and travel.

Fashionista Award:
Description: Celebrating advocates of body positivity within the fashion and beauty industry who showcase trends and uplift others through their platform. They inspire their audience to love themselves and place an emphasis on fashion and beauty education.

Positive Parenting Award:
Description: Honoring influencers who provide parenting tips and encouragement in a positive and supportive manner.

Family Excellence Award:
Description: Recognizing families who use their presence on social media to empower, uplift, and inspire others, showcasing the strength and resilience that can be found within a united family unit.


Fitness Expert Award:
Description: Recognizing creators who infuse the digital sphere with energy and enthusiasm for fitness. They motivate and guide their audience through engaging workouts, fostering a community of empowered individuals.

Transformation Trailblazer Award:
Description: Celebrating those who lead by example, sharing their fitness transformations and inspiring others to embark on their own fitness journeys. These creators showcase the power of dedication and hard work. Examples Include: weight loss journeys, bodybuilders, etc

Health & Wellness

Mindfulness Award:
Description: This award recognizes creators who inspire mental well-being, breaking the stigma behind mental health. They share tips, practices, and experiences that guide their audience towards a harmonious and empowered life.

Health Advocate Award:
Description: Celebrating those who ignite positive change in others by championing wellness. These creators inspire their audience to adopt healthier habits, embrace self-care, and embark on transformative wellness journeys.

Radiant Resilience Award:
Description: Honoring individuals who demonstrate unwavering strength and resilience in the face of health challenges. They share their personal stories, providing hope and support to others navigating similar journeys. Examples include: Health ailments, fighting and/or overcoming cancer, chronic illness, etc


Hype Award:
Description: This award celebrates the individual who exudes boundless enthusiasm and unwavering support on social media, consistently lifting others up with their contagious energy, positivity, and consistent willingness to put other creators in the spotlight.

Accessible Advocate Award:
Description: Celebrating advocates of accessibility who ensure that their content promotes inclusivity for individuals of all abilities and aim to inspire and support the accessibility community through their content.

Unity Catalyst Award:
Description: Honoring individuals who bridge divides and promote unity among diverse communities. They celebrate commonalities, differences, and create a space for open dialogue and understanding.


Recording Artist Award:
Description: Recognizing a distinguished musical artist whose exceptional talent and positive influence through their music and online presence inspire and uplift audiences.

Pulse-Setter Award:
Description: This award honors the dynamic DJ who sets the rhythm of positivity, bringing energy and unity to audiences through their beats and uplifting musical selections.

Collective Music Award:
Description: This award recognizes the collaborative efforts of a musical band or group whose harmonious collaboration brings positivity and inspiration to their listeners, showcasing the power of unity through music.

Overall Excellence

Motivational/ Inspirational Creator of The Year Award
Description: This award honors the individual who has consistently used their social media presence to inspire positive change. Through their authentic content and unwavering advocacy, they have created a lasting impact, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Their ability to uplift and transform lives makes them a beacon of positivity and change in the digital space.

  1. 1-50k Motivational/ Inspirational Creator of the Year
  2. 50.1k-500k Motivational/ Inspirational Creator of the Year
  3. 500.1k-2.5m Motivational/ Inspirational Creator of the Year
  4. 2.51m+ Motivational/ Inspirational Creator of the Year

Top Fundraiser of The Year
Description: Recognizing the top fundraiser who harnessed social media’s potential to mobilize support and drive remarkable contributions for meaningful causes, transforming online connections into tangible change.

Cheer of The Year Award
Description: Honoring a seasoned creator for the year whose lifetime of content has consistently spread positivity and made a lasting impact.

Public Safety

Military Member Award:
Description: This award acknowledges the military service member who embodies positivity, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact through their social media presence.

Law Enforcement Award:
Description: This award honors a law enforcement service member who utilizes their social media presence to foster positivity, bridge communities, and promote unity through their dedicated and uplifting contributions.

Public Healthcare Award:
Description: Recognizing creators within the healthcare community who set the example of expert care and compassion to others in their field. Their content reflects their empathy and desire to educate as well as ensure the health and safety of others.


Unity in Sports Award:

Description: Recognizing creators and teams who highlight the unifying power of sports, emphasizing teamwork, camaraderie, and the celebration of diverse athletes, regardless of their background or abilities.

Inclusive Playmaker Award

Description: Celebrating champions of inclusive sports who break barriers and promote accessible, diverse, and equitable participation in athletic activities for all individuals.